Essential Trends
“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.”
-Coco Chanel
The perfect outfits.

Searching for the right outfits this fall? Well, i’ve chosen a few inexpensive pieces from the various trends this fall. 


The classics:  The classics are definitely worth the investment because you will wear them forever. The camel coat was introduced by old movie stars, and it is here to stay. One of my favorite classics is the shirtdress. The shirtdress is ideal for work, and is very comfortable. You can top off any outfit with pearls; they are a girls best friend. Here is a pic of Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl. I love how she accessorized her camel coat  with a bright aqua scarf. 


Happy brights: Brights have been a must-have on the red carpet this fall. They are usually seen at formal events, such as a ball. Wether you decide to go with ruffles, strapless, one-shoulder, poufy-shoulder, don’t forget to brighten your closet. Blake Lively did it again with a beautiful bright one-shouldered dress. 

Comfort: Being in class comfy and in style can be hard to do. Here are a few styles that will help you out. Sweatpants aren’t always a bad thing. As long as they’re cute and not too loose. Or you could go all the way and get a sweatshirt dress. Kelly Osbourne and Rihanna both rocked the sweatshirt dress. 


I hope these pieces will help you next time your dig through your closet searching for the perfect outfit. 

What should I wear on my feet when it gets cold in Florida. I really like sandals but...

Florida is a place where the weather tends to be unpredictable. For instance, today during the day I wore sandals but at night I wore my boots to keep me warm. Florida is the sunshine state, and wearing sandals is common. I would suggest wearing cozy boots for the winter months. However, I am sure you won’t have to give up wearing your favorite sandals completely. 

Having a bad hair day?

Hello, fellow colleagues. Are you tired of styling your hair the same exact way everyday? I researched a few hair trends that could come in handy. 

Jessica Alba 

Bangs can be a very simple way to get a “new look.” However, deciding wether to get bangs or not can be rather difficult. Bangs can usually be a big commitment because they can often give your face a complete transformation. If you are not ready for the commitment you can simply try it out by getting side bangs. 

Brenda Song

Brenda Song 

Another popular hair-style is the messy side bun. I actually tried out this hair-style last night. The reason I tried the look was because I was in a hurry. So I pulled my hair to the side, wrapped it into a bun, popped in some bobby pins and wala! It took me about five minutes and I received many compliments through out the night.  I will definitely try this look again. 

College Halloween Costumes!

It’s that time of year again to get dressed up, but this time not as yourself. Being in college is full of obligations, and it isn’t likely that you have figured out what to be for Halloween. Costumes designed for college students can often be fun, and they don’t cost much money.

We all know reality TV has been a great part of our life these past years. So take advantage of your TV knowledge, and dress-up as your favorite reality TV star. Jerseyshore is always a favorite on campus. Why not gather a few friends and dress-up as the cast of Jerseyshore? If you prefer being solo, simply dress up as one cast member. For example, the TV star “Snooki” is very popular this Halloween. All you need is a short, wild mini dress, a spray tan and a bump it. Yes, it is that simple. 

If you are a princess at heart, why not be a Disney princess this year? You can choose from many, and pick the princess with the most similar characteristics to you. You can choose from many such as Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Tiana and the Little Mermaid. 

However, there are always those favorite costumes that come back every year. The college nurse is adorable, and you can even spice things up by having your date dress-up as a doctor. Below is a picture of my two college friends. 

If you are innocent, dress-up as an angel. You can wear almost any outfit that is white, and simply add a headband that has a halo attached to it. 

Halloween on college campuses is always amazing, and you should look amazing too. 

Burr…it’s cold on campus!

With the weather starting to get chilly, it’s time to gear up for winter. Walking on campus is a daily exercise for most students, and getting ready for winter can be simple. First of all, feel free to go back home and bring your winter clothes that you have stashed in your closet, because some of last years trends are still in this winter. 

Military inspired jackets are a must this winter. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Junya Watanabe, Wunderkind and Fendi showed these off at their runway events this year. 

Fur is coming back again this fall, and it’s fuzzier than ever. If you’re an animal lover, feel free to wear artificial fur and save the animal race. Wearing a fur jacket can often seem like too much; however, you can go light on the fur by wearing a simple scarf or a pair of mittens that are inspired by fur jackets. Check out supermodel Kate Moss in a black and white Fendi fur coat. 

Boots are already being seen on campus. The cozy boots that were in style last winter season are back again. These boots can complete any outfit and keep you warm all winter long. The most popular are UGG boots, which tend to be pricey, but their durability is worth the price tag. You can also find cute boots at stores such as Forever21 and American Eagle. Kate Moss, Eva Longoria-Parker, Jennifer Aniston all wearing UGG boots.


I know how it feels to be too cold to even step out of bed, and I also understand that in the morning you don’t care about dressing up. You just throw on some clothes that will keep you warm. So, in situations like this it’s helpful to cheer up your closet with colors that are in style. Those colors include neutral colors and shades of red. 

Keep these tips in mind. Winter is creeping up on us. 

What’s in your closet?

I know that you are in college, and managing your budget is on the top of your priorities list. However, with these 5 dorm closet essentials you don’t have to break your bank. Each one of these can make your boring outfits standout.


  • High waisted skirt- This simple trend is easy to wear and isn’t pricey at all. All you must do is tuck in your favorite top and accessorize accordingly. This style gives you a look of sophistication and maturity. The greatest thing about it is that your can rock it with heels or flats. You can find a variety of high waisted skirts at 


    • Tribal pattern- This is an adorable fall 2010 fashion piece, and it is frequently seen on college campuses. Wether it’s a dress, skirt, blouse, or a piece of jewelry, the tribal pater is fabulous. However, be careful that you don’t overwhelm your outfit. Wear only one tribal piece and pair it with another simple piece. For example, if you wear a tribal skirt, match it with a plain top. You can also simply rock this trend by wearing a simple outfit and accessorizing with tribal jewelry. You can never go wrong with tribal patterns. 


    • Lace- This trend is constantly seen on college campuses. I have seen lace tights, lace shirts, lace cardigans, and even lace skirts. This pattern screams sexy. Not only do college students love this trend, but celebrities are also obsessed with it.


    • Belts-I bet you have quite a few shirts in your closet that are too loose to wear. Why don’t you throw them on and wrap a belt around your waist a see the BIG difference it makes? Belts that clench around your waist will pull together any outfit instantly. 


    • Floral print- Plaid is so out, and floral is so in this season. Floral outfits must be treated like tribal patterns because they can often be too loud. So, with that said, pair floral prints with simple tops or bottoms. 


    When you are not studying for exams, dig through your closet and see how many outfits you can put together!  

    Top 5 campus shoes

    Everyone knows that a girl cannot live without 3 things: diamonds, chocolate and SHOES! Here is a list of shoes that have become very popular on college campuses.

    1. TOMS

    Nothing is better than being in style and helping out a great cause. American, Blake Mycoskie invented TOMS shoes after realizing that many children in developing countries don’t even own a pair of shoes. With that in mind, he created One for One, which donates a pair of TOMS to a needy child for every pair sold. Students from many campuses are rocking these shoes, after hearing Mycoskie’s heart-warming story. Mila Kunis wore her bright-red Toms while grabbing some coffee. 


    There are many reasons why college students love pointy toe flats. A college campus is a place for sophistication and maturity; wearing these show just that. Pointed Toe pumps were a big hit, but walking on campus in pumps can become a bit overwhelming. Pointed Toe flats are a great way to show your inner “adult” and being comfortable at the same time. 


    If rain has been a frequent visitor for you then you need to stock up on rain boots. Rain boots are a great way to be a child again without feeling guilty. They come in many different spunky patterns and match with almost anything. Aside from being a fashion statement, they prevent you from getting soaked. So jump in the the puddles with a pair of these. 

    4. PUMPS

    Everyone knows that the C in college stands for clubs. College students are frequently attending events where they must dress to impress. Well now girls can dress to impress and fist pump while wearing pumps. Pumps are sexy heels that give you a perfect lift. Pumps tend to come very simple without any straps;however, a funky pattern can make a simple outfit stand out. 

    5. SHAPE UPS

    This brand name isn’t just a name to make you pull your wallet out and buy them. They actually get you in shape. Many college students are terrified to gain weight; however, they are the most prone to it. I don’t know if it’s the stress-eating or the excess junk food or even maybe the alcohol involved with college, but students should watch their health while in college. Shape ups allow students to stay in shape while doing the easiest task—walking. These have become very popular, because students now have a short-cut to a healthy life. 

    Attention! The military trend is still in this fall.

    Sir, yes, sir! That’s what many college fashionistas are saying to the fall military fashion trend. There are many ways to rock this new style. An army trench coat, a fabulous military inspired cardigan, cargo pants,or simply a cozy, olive green tee will do the trick. A great way to incorporate this trend into your campus style is by pairing different shades of neutral colors. 


    As we embark upon the chilly winter months, we want to make sure we do so in style. The military inspired trench coats are an essential for the pre-winter months. Stars such as, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Audrina Patrige, and Alexa Chung rocked this trend incredibly. 


    Army green is the new black this fall. Followed by navy blue. You can’t get away with this trend if you don’t own a military trench coat. A collar is a must. You can also pair it with cute army laced booties. So what are you waiting for? Search your closet for the perfect military outfit, and show your campus that you can be an army chick.

    Model Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

    Model Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

    Audrina Patridge

    Reality TV star, Audrina Patridge

    Alexa Chung

    Alexa Chung


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